Thursday, May 28, 2009

One of My Favorites!

The Nester is having a party! I'm so excited because she is one of my favorite bloggers!
I got up this morning and while having my morning coffee I sat on my back porch and daydreamed about this little soiree. What shall I wear, what should I bring for the hostess, should I bring my famous apple dip, and of course what shoes am I going to wear? If only this was a real party I'd be set.
But instead I am prepping myself for Lampapalooza. Still in daydream mode I took myself out to the store to buy more dog food for the pups and out of the corner of my eye I see the word-
I screeched to a halt, parked as fast as I could because what was sitting right next to that free sign.... A bunch of old Ball and Kerr canning jars and these:

Can you believe it? It must be meant to be!
I am having a love/hate relationship with the shades. I keep eyeing those tassels and thinking about the Nester! And having a inner conversation with myself deciding whether or not to paint the bases. To paint or not to paint? That is the question....

So these are the other the wares that I picked up for FREE!

3 lamps, 3 large canning jars, 2 small canning jars, 1 additional lampshade (red) and the tray that all the goodies are sitting on. The small jar that I put the votive in says Long Life on it. I love a double meaning.

Good thing because I certainly couldn't purchase anything like these lamps right now. We are in a budget crunch so I think this was heavens way of opening up and shining light on these beautiful little lamps. FREE! I am just giddy!
O.k. on to the real Lampapalooza.....

Here is the eclectic group of lamps I own:
This this my most favorite lamp in the house

When my hubs was little is dad owned a little bakery called Tiffany's and this is one of the lamps that hung in the shop. Isn't it adorable! It is now hanging in the office over a rocking chair that is patiently awaiting me choosing some new fabric to cover it with. The lamp just recently stopped lighting up so I need to rewire it, then it will be ready for some rocking & reading!

These little beauties actually came from Partylite. Yes, a Partylite party that I hosted. They are lit by a votive that lends itself to romance! It is paired with this other little beauty that hangs above the bed. Light them both and BAM! Instant romance for the boudoir! Nothing wrong with that.

This lampless lamp is from Pottery Barn:

Sorry the pic is fuzzy. Don't know why that is.

Again, it needs to be wired but I really liked the look of the chain without the cord so I've been putting it off. But I recently made a trip to our new big Goodwill hoping to find a little treasure and I found this:

And I think it might just be perfect. I think it was $8 with a 7 day warranty!
Man, I should have gotten it right then and there....
And last but certainly not least is this little simple one:

We got this for our wedding and I have always loved the lamp base but the lampshade is screaming to be covered (and adorned with a tassel from the Nester) and I think I might change it like this. Oh, I think I might do it to the red lampshade I picked up this morning too!
Thank you Nester for hosting this lovely little party and for introducing me to not only a new way to cover my lamp shades but for making me daydream about parties to come.
Now off to argue with myself....

To paint or not to paint....

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  1. Maybe, but not yet. Live with them for a while before you decide is my policy. Creativity sometimes comes at 3 in the morning give it a chance to flow.
    The lamps are beautiful just as is me thinks.
    Let us know what you decide and post pics.
    ~ ~Ahrisha~ ~