Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Home Sweet Home

I love where I live. I love the town, the fact that I can be in the mountians in 5 minutes flat, the people, the air, the climate, the diversity, and of course the beauty.
But today and every year about this time I am ever so grateful to live here because of this:

Or better yet this:

The Airforce Thunderbirds were in town for the Air Force Academy graduation and boy was it an amazing show. The BEST free airshow you will ever see.

They were right over my head! Here is a close up:

The roar of the engines the whistle that lets you know that they are right on top of you! Amazing!

Usually I stay home to watch them because their flight pattern puts them right over my house but today I was lucky enough to be up on the north side of town and got to see the whole show up close and personal. They do so many acrobatics and it is just amazing. I wish I could put into words what it is like.

They do tricks like this one:

This was especially cool. They all flew straight up in formation and split at the top. Then came back down to oh, probably 8,000 feet (we sit just over 6,000 feet) and buzzed the AFA stadium (which is the middle green space in the pic-kinda hard to see) all at once but coming from different directions. It's not easy to see in the second pic but the jet streams all come together at once. I've seen this done before but everytime it is just as cool as the first time. I know I am gushing but it really was amazing (can I say amazing more?) and I am still riding on the buzz I got from watching it! O.k. one more picture to show you how beautiful my surroundings are:

In the right hand side of the pic you can just barely see them flying in formation, right past Pikes Peak. Isn't she beautiful, the Peak I mean. Still all covered in snow.

How lucky I am!

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  1. Wow, I've never got to watch anything like that, it looks awesome to watch! Great pics!