Thursday, May 21, 2009

How do you do?

Thanks to my wonderful friend Nancy my camera is now operational! So on to the sharing.

This is me, Laurel and my dearest hubby Pete. Cute picture eh? My hubs isn't too fond of this picture I think because he has his old wire rimmed glasses on. But I love it even though his new glasses look so much better on him:)

And here are our "children"

Haley is on the right. She is a 10 year old Border Collie mix that we rescued from the pound. She is my sunshine. I love her so much sometimes it hurts. She is the perfect pet. She loves her walks and especially going to the dog park where she can do her own thing now that she isn't quite as quick on her feet as she was when she was younger. And she loves her fenced in front yard so that she can try to herd all the cars and people who dare to come near the fence. On the left, well his name is D-O-G (deeogee). Yes, you heard right D-O-G. My sister so lovingly picked him up off the street when he almost got hit by a car. He was only 6 months old and very cute (aren't all puppies cute at 6 months). Her big black lab didn't like the company he provided so he stayed with us for the time being (yeah right). Since it was just for the time being we gave him a generic name. We didn't want to call him "it" or "boy" so we called him D-O-G. My sister promised me she would find him a home since we were in the process of moving to another city. And, she did. He is still here with us wreaking havoc and pulling down curtains. He is now 8 so we have had a bit of a repreve of the curtain destroying but generally when we think that we are in the clear, down comes another pair of curtains and a destroyed curtain rod. I have been buying my curtain rods at Ross and TJ Max to save some money because boy, does that get expensive when you are having to buy them time and time again, especially for the big picture window in the front of the house. It is a wonder why we haven't killed him yet.
The best part about naming him D-O-G is when the vet (or anyone else for that matter) asks how to spell his name. Hilarious!
Oh and yes, they match. Both black with white chests and feet and we are often asked if they are the same breed. That makes me laugh since she is a Boarder Collie and he is a Pit Bull mix. But they are the best of friends and I am lucky to have them both.
P.S. I did have to hold a little piece of cheese up to get them to look at the camera. They are pretty well behaved but not so much as so sit and pose on the porch in front of my flowers for the "perfect" picture.

That's it for now. It is raining here in Colorado and I love it. Yea spring!!

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  1. This is so funny about your fur-babies, they totally look alike, and yet look nothing alike.
    So have you seen "Marley and Me?" D-O-G kind of sounds like that, (Nowhere near as bad) but I love in that movie how - no matter how terrible he is - he is loved.

    That is a great pic of you and DH. I love it.