Friday, May 15, 2009

And Finally Hope.....

Well Hello!

I'm Bay aka Laurel and I welcome you to my journey.

Pandora's Cottage really started in 2002 when my darling hubs and I bought what we thought was the PERFECT house for our family of four (two furbabies). It is a small 1,200 sq ft cottage located in beautiful Colorado and when we decided to start ripping down walls and ceilings and windows (oh my) it brought on ills, toils, sickness, and finally hope (just like Wikipedia states about Pandora's box).

So here we are, still in process. After replacing all the cardboard walls, yes a cardboard like material, with actual drywall and taking down all the pink, yes pink, trim that was layered over itself all over the house, we found good bones. Bones that I love. It is a constant evolution here at the cottage but I love it and I hope you'll love to hear about all the projects I am constantly working on. Barely finishing one before starting the next. I'll post pictures soon.

I have an addiction to all things chippy and white, warm french/scandanavian country tones, antiques, vintage advertisements, Jamie Oliver, Anthropologie, and shoes. Oh how I love my shoes.

My hope is to be able to share my love of decorating, creating, cooking, and just life.

AND, to be able to touch people the way that I have been touched by all of you.


  1. What a FABULOUS first post!!! Wow, if this is the way you'll be writing, you'll have a following in no time.

    And since I know you, I could see everything you describe and I just kept nodding. And then I laughed at this .. "and shoes. Oh how I love my shoes."

  2. ~*Hugs*~ and ~*Big Grin*~
    So excited to read your blog!!
    Welcome to the Blog World!!