Sunday, June 20, 2010

5 Weeks Down

It's been five lllloooooonnnnngggggg weeks of bedrest here in my new casa aka room #2312.

I realized today that I need to get back into being myself even though I don't feel like myself.

Myself likes to read, and write, and paint, and read magazines....plenty of magazines. Yet, I have this large pile of magazines, and good ones, that I have hardly touched.

It's hard here, dealing with the day to day of nothingness....

Just trying to stay upbeat and keep the eye on the prize.

The prize being a healthy little boy.

It's hard to be so lonely. Even though I have always loved, no cherished, my alone time. This is so different. So confining. So secluded.

I've been outside once in the last 2 weeks. Once. For this outdoorsey girl. Once. Yuck.

It's just me and my little man. Making it through day by day with little spurts of visits from family and friends.

My poor husband. This is so hard for him. Taking on all household responsibilities plus a fairly new job and spending time with me in the hospital.
All I can say is I'm a lucky girl!

So, getting back to ME.

I need to:





And just BE.

Borrowed from
One of my most favorite places to visit, which tonight really lifted my spirits.
Thanks Erin!