Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Just a little getaway

Since I spent the weekend NOT camping like we normally do and instead updated and decluttered (ahhhhhhh) my studio, that my hubs lovingly calls the shed, I wanted to share some inspiration. We have plans this summer to add a large shed to the open mud pit that we have in the corner of our back yard. It is a mud pit now because it has been raining here everyday!

I LOVE IT! Not the mud of course.

Sorry, back to the getaway.

First off how beautiful is this little garden retreat with the sun shining on it just so.... and the Adirondack chair just waiting for me to come, book in hand, and soak up some rays.

But really, this little heaven isn't quite as functional for me as it is just beautiful, so I went looking for something a little more practical.

Then I found this....

As simple and pretty as it is it just wasn't enough.

Oh, wait... Here we go...

Can you see the little table in there? I envision a cheerful little chandelier hanging from the ceiling bouncing light off of everything in its presence, and a little buffet table in the corner to easily treat my guests to bellinis or mojitos with mint pulled straight from the garden.
Would you like to come?


  1. sounds like a perfect spot for some mojito's.

  2. Sure, I'd love to come! tho I dont know what a mojito is, but I'll take one, just make mine virgin =D (if there not already)