Monday, June 1, 2009

THIS used to be a potting shed!

When I first found Heather Cameron's gorgeous greenhouse I was instantly inspired. As a wedding gift her husband dismantled an old potting shed and rebuilt it as this amazing little space. When he was rebuilding it he used 11 windows that were from salvage, using some on the roof as well for a greenhouse effect. This pic is the only one that gives you a glimpse of what this little potting shed gem used to look like in its previous lifetime.

When his wife took over the decorating it became a masterpiece.
Let's take a look inside!

Can you believe how beautiful this is. So bright and shiny, so lovely! See those Chandys, they aren't even wired but I almost bet that they don't need to be, when the sun hits them I am sure they bounce rainbows over every little surface. See the Milkglass and Jadeite wares tucked above an old wood door that she cut into two and made shelves out of each piece. That's my kind of girl! I will be doing that. Any smart use of an old door pulls on my heartstrings.

I love the use of pictures in this space! In my minds eye (or in my imaginary greenhouse) I see them all suspended on a wide colored ribbon with a number stenciled down at the bottom. Also, how great is that ladder as a display case of sorts. I feel the need to lean it up against a the wall but I am inspired to use this on my back porch! And the metal tub housing those beautiful hydrangeas, the only thing missing is a number, how great would a big number 2 look on the front of that tub. Sigh, I just can't get enough.

Tucked inbetween that adorable display ladder and her linen covered couch is a stack of vintage luggage used as an end table. I have been scouring the antique markets and yard sales for luggage just like these for quite a while now, to do this very same thing. They make great storage as well for extra linens and pillows. Throw down a jute rug from IKEA and voila instant coziness! I want to start my mornings here, cup of coffee in hand and birds singing their happy wake up songs.

I did notice that there are NO letters or numbers in this space at all! I would say that that is the only thing missing from this stunning space. I see coffee bag pillows, a letter tucked up on those fun shelves along with maybe a plate adorned with a number, another number hidden on the top of the ladder, and a big L above the entry.

Wouldn't this be a great little place for a tea party! I can already envision the menu and there is no need for extra decorations, this place is already perfect.
Well thank you Heather for allowing us into your adorable potting er...greenhouse!
Needless to say I wish this would have been my wedding gift.


  1. Wow, what a beautiful place! It relaxes me just looking at the pictures of it. So much detail!

  2. I'm with you I love this shed? Cottage? Gotta come up with a better name than a shed, agree? It's glorious! Thanks for the inspiration and for stopping by for a visit. It's so nice to meet you~ ~Ahrisha~ ~