Monday, June 29, 2009

3 Inspirations and a Wedding....

Have you ever been shopping without any pretenses on what you will buy? That's my favorite kind of shopping. Going in with an open mind and heart and listening to what the clothes tell you (or anything else you are shopping for; accessories, antiques, furniture, etc.). Then when you actually find that one thing that you do need and it is magically just perfect on you. You look and feel like a princess. I don't usually want to feel like a fairy tale type princess but when I am feeling like this princess:

I am giddy.
When the bride requested we all wear little black dresses I never thought I would find something so perfect that it makes me feel like Princess Grace.
I'm. in. Love.

Since I always have been so inspired by Grace Kelly as a style icon, especially before she became a real life Princess, I am looking for some classic but fancy shoes that fit this wonderful dress.
How about these Stuart Weitzman little lovelies, they are called Gigi.

I adore them. Open toe, classic. Ruffle, adorable. Heel, sophisticated. Perfection!

I'm always so inspired on Mondays. Peaceful weekends=time to dream about redecorating every room in my house and perusing magazines to find new projects I just MUST do.

This is what inspired me this weekend.

While shopping for a wedding present, from across the room these beauties cast out a glimmer and put a twinkle in my eye. I could not get across that room fast enough to look at them up close. Gotta love Ralph Lauren!

Up close they don't look like "Mandarin" should be their name. The etching is so detailed and gorgeous. It really inspired me to try some new things with my glass etching.

Check out this vase!

Yep, I'm going to have to find some glass vases and use this "Mandarin" inspiration!

I am loving all things with bows and ruffels. I always have been drawn to them but not like lately. I think it might be the girly dress I'm about to wear (that funny enough, doesn't have a bow).

The fact that this is from Anthropologie well, only makes me adore it more.

The Bow Tied set has a matching duvet and dust ruffle but the pillows really speak to me. It is feminine but not too much so and the creamy color is absolutely perfect. I think my hubs might go for it....Maybe?

And last but not least oh, that Sarah Richardson. You gotta love her! This chair is divine:

The velvet and that piping! I can only image how this feels when you sit on it. Pure luxury. And those legs. I am coveting this chair. I see myself sitting in it and reading for hours and hours. Beautiful!

So now that I am all inspired, off to do something!
Hmmm what to do first. That is always the question.

I hope you have an inspiring Monday.

If one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams, and endeavors to live the life which he has imagined, he will meet with success unexpected in common hours.


  1. Beautiful, everything is so elegant and beautiful.

  2. You are lucky...I have never been in a wedding where I was excited about the dress:-)

  3. Hi Jeanneoli! I am lucky. I don't know how it happened. It was a flat out miracle. Plus we got to pick our own dress it just had to be black so that made it a little easier. Thanks for the comment!