Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Weekend in a tent

Well, finally we were able to get out of the city and took ourselves to the mountains to camp. It is mighty late for us to just be getting out for our first time!
If only it was in this kind of tent:

(I can see myself spending a whole summer in THAT tent)
As we were packing up to head out, our precious pup decided she just couldn't wait any longer. She parked herself in the car and waited patiently for us to get ourselves together. She tried to hide her exasperation but you could tell she was twiddling her thumbs and rolling her eyes at us everytime we made a trip to the car.

We happened upon a new spot that is only about 35 miles away and it was beautiful. This is the path to the site and the view from behind our tent:

Behind us was a mountain side of large granite rock that when you hiked up it revealed a big open meadow on the other side. Did I mention how it was beautiful, because it was?
Nature always inspires me but this time, with the new colors of the granite, the river and everything being so green this year I wanted to take "swatches" from everything so that I could incorporate each and every color into my home. This trip really rejuvinated my spirit!
On Sunday it rained and thundered for quite a while. We had all the gear packed up except for the tent (thank goodness) so we hung out in there while it rained. I love the rain in the mountains! It was beautiful but the hubs and the dogs were getting a little antsy and that lends itself to complete silliness.

So, now that we have had such a wonderful weekend, it was time to go home.
For some of us that isn't the worst part of the trip:

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  1. What a beautiful view.
    If I had a tent like that, I'd never get out of bed. =D