Thursday, June 11, 2009

Ask and you shall receive

But I didn't ask!
But you see, I have great friends. My wonderful friend tells me last night she has a suprise for her I can't spend a dime right now friend, and this is her sweet and oh so thoughtful gift.

Isn't he handsome?

And here is his mate:

Isn't she darling? She isn't a really frilly or fussy girl but that's what I love about her. They are a little beat up but I like that too! They have been on adventures together, they've seen the world! I could make up a thousand stories about where they've been together and what they've seen.

So after obessively contimplating where these little gems should go I stacked them on the end of the loveseat.

Added our precious little shamrock, some old jars and a leaf tealight holder (I'm a mountain girl and I love leaves like ocean lovers love shells)

And voila!

I would like to add one more suitcase so that the stack is a little taller and can actually be used as a end table. But for now it is just perfect! But, I might add some books under that plant though, hmmm.

So, that inspired me to make our antique hall tree look just as pretty.

I added a basket full of magazines on the awkward bottom shelf along with an old soda crate filled with little treasures and our umbrellas because lately we have needed those on hand. It has been so rainy here!

I am going to add an old steel letter Z that my dad has in the lower left corner of the crate but I just couldn't wait to get it from him to take these pictures!

Some fresh flowers and an old tin canister and presto, new charm to my old hall tree.

So, sweet and thoughtful Nancy, thank you. You have just made a little corner of my world a happier place!


  1. Aww! The whole set up is the cutest thing! Unique might I add! :)

  2. Awesome suit cases. How thoughtful of her.
    And yes, I agree, books under the plant (I love the stacked book look, I have it going on in my main level bathroom.)
    I have an old old old tin milk jug container (I think) about 2 feet tall and as big around as a large dinner plate that reminds me of you. I love it, it's so antique and I want to build my own little cottage corner somewhere in my home. Or outside, it would look real good outside, but I dont want it to rust.

  3. Very creative and unique ideas! It's great to see that you can add style and storage without spending much money. Let the inspiration flow!

  4. awwww... :) I totally had zero time today and just clicked here to check up on you. And look. !!!

    You are so very welcome.

  5. i love old suitcases...and have a bunch stacked under my mantel.
    lovely little treasures.