Thursday, July 30, 2009

Just a little ditty about TLC

If you haven't heard of the amazingly talented and beautiful (inside and out) Layla Palmer, you MUST go and check out her blog and read about her newest venture.
Not only does Layla, of The Lettered Cottage, have a thriving design consultation business she does commissioned pet portraits, sells her quote and good jars (which I LOVE and have given as a gift), works with her mom on shell boxes, and her and her adorable hubby also have Lettered Cottage Art (which I love as well).
Now if you haven't been over there then you might not know how talented her hubs is too!

Sorry Layla, but I have to share just a little about your adorable and just as talented hubby. Kevin is not only A-dor-able and just as goofy but he is a musician (swoon) and not just any musician. He is the lead in a band, and a band that I really like! How did these two find each other (in a bar, none the less)? So, I guess what I am trying to say is over there at TLC they are all talented, I think even their little pooch Max has talent in his blood!

O.k back to the real reason for this post. Sorry I'm a sucker for both musicians and cutie-patootees, so Kevin had to get a shout out!
This talented little lady is the reason I am blogging. I adore her style, her attitude, her drive and determination, and her real goofy self, which we don't get to see enough of!
Ehm... more instructional videos or fun "day in the life of" videos Layla (and Kevin) PLEASE!
So if you haven't guessed it Layla has been my inspiration and she continues to inspire me each and every day.
Her new venture with her friend Sarah has just begun but I know it will be just one more thing that Layla is great at.

If you haven't been there already please go visit Lettered Cottage Home and give them some love. Once you are there, I know you will just love everything Lettered Cottage like I do! There is a reason that The Lettered Cottage's initials are TLC. Every thing that girl touches receives a little of her TLC!

Good luck Layla and Sarah. I wish you only the best in all that you do!


  1. They sound like such an incredible couple! Thanks so much for sharing about them.

  2. Awwww shucks! :-)
    YOU are too sweet!
    I can't wait to show Kevin. Thanks for all the shout outs- you rock!

    Hope you're having a great weekend!