Monday, July 27, 2009

Cafe Curtain Cover Up

It's Make your Monday at Twice Remembered and I'm sharing this Cafe Curtain Cover Up!
When remodeling our house we took out some old closets and made this bookcase cubby out of a corner of our master bedroom. It sat like this forever.

I can't believe I even shared that mess. Fabric, batting, old sweaters for felting, oh my!
So I needed something simple yet beautiful to cover up this crazy cubby.

I am constantly inspired by Nester to mistreat my home. It was wayyyy past time to do something about this cubby, so mistreatment it is.

I bought a cafe curtain at Wally World for about 3 bucks and the clips at a K-Mart that is going about of business for .75 cents! Whoo hooo! My plan is now in action and for only $3.75. The hubs can't complain about that!

When I found this King Flat sheet at Marshalls (I sing when I say Marshalls because I oh so love them sooo sooo much) on Clearance for $5 (I think). It is the softest material ever, and I am going to make pillows out of what is left of the sheet when I'm done. How about that for coordinating fabrics in the Master Bedroom!

Yes, yes it is Ralph Lauren, which made me love it even more. So classic! (although very wrinkly)

I just measured my cubby and multiplied it by two, to ensure I had enough fabric for my folds. Then I folded over the edge like so....

Very Nester inspired eh? Then started folding material in the middle and worked my way out so that at least the fold in the middle would be centered. It doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful but I do have a thing about centering stuff, and right angles. I have a thing about right angles...Anyway.....

I made a little box pleat for the front, pretty part of the fold. Then folded approx the same size folds in on each side. Overlapping a little on the back so that when I clip them everything stays put!
Then clip them up. The teeth on these clips make this work really well. It holds all of the fabric in place!

For the ends I made a little box pleat again but just folded the end under and clipped.

Voila! Now the end is kinda poofy like the other pleats. It stands out from the edge of the cubby nicely.
Grab your cafe curtain from where you laid it against the wall.

Screw in your cafe curtain holders. Heh couldn't think of the name of these at the moment so that works, right? I measured my fabric to be about an inch off of the floor but had to put the "holders" a little bit higher to ensure that the fabric covered the cubby holes. That's the point of this right?

Hang the mistreatment on the cafe rod.

And Voila! A perfect little cafe curtain cover up. Much better than the cabinet doors we were originally going to use. And the doors were $40 each. Total for this cute little cover up = $8.75
Does it get any better than that? Well, I'm off to check on everyone else's Make your Monday's.

Have a great week everyone!


  1. What a great idea! I've been wanting to "skirt" something but I don't so, so you've given me a place to start! Thanks for sharing on MYM today!

  2. It's adorable, I love it! and the idea of matching pillows is awesome.


  3. Wow! That is so cute and it just looks so nice there. No one would have any idea you're trying to cover up something.

  4. Thanks Kate and Rachel. I love it too! Can't wait until I get the pillows finished.

  5. That looks just plain adorable! So much more enjoyable to look at than boring white doors!
    Great job!

  6. Adorable! You are so creative!!!

  7. So very clever! What a great idea for a great price. We all have areas that could use a little "cover-up" if you know what I mean! Great work!