Thursday, August 6, 2009

Knock? Knock?

It's DIY day over at ASPTL and thank you Kimba for making me get this simple little project done, finally. It's one of those easy ones that you think you'll do one of these days but personally I generally take on the bigger, more time consuming projects first, like new floors or the painted cabinets I'm currently working on. So, getting this done and reaping the benefits of doing something simply but beautifully just makes me giddy. I can't wait to do the next one.

If I'm still alive.

These cabinets might just kill me...No really...They might.

During the summer our front door is open 80% of the time so I stare at this ugly thing day in and day out. How have I put off this project for so long?

Do you like the big red NO SOLICITORS sign? Yep, it was there when we moved in and up until yesterday was still there! You would think that would keep the Comcast and security companies from ringing my door bell, but no. They must not be able to read simple english....
No soliciting at this zoo people!

I got out the tools and pried off that ugly red sign and boy, it wasn't easy but GONE!

Thank was about time.

And what do you think of the lovely plaque that is glued, and I mean SUPER DUPER glued, in the center of our front door. I have tried to pry this puppy off but I was always afraid of breaking it and having a big chunk of ceramic just hanging on my door. At least I could cover this up with various Happy Fall or Happy Winter signs since it doesn't always feel like a zoo around here. Not always.

So out came the paint that was leftover from my sisters bathroom DIY project. I can't tell you what color it is because I didn't buy it but it's a nice warm tanish earthy color. I covered the blue up really well and even though I could have gotten away with one coat, why when this project is so simple and fast? 2 coats did it and even covered up the inviting entrance to the zoo!

I painted the trim black and distressed it a bit. I may have distressed it a little too much for my liking but that's an easy fix. I'm going to live with it for a day or two then we'll see. I cut a piece of scrapbooking paper and fit it to the zoo sign. Ahh it already feels so much better!

Luckly, I have this handy dandy little machine

I cut out the all the necessary letters to finish this little project

Nope, you're right... I didn't iron that runner before putting it on my table.

I used transfer tape to lay out the letters and ensure that they are all straight and spaced correctly. Then transfer the letters onto the door. I suggest always using transfer tape. I like things to be straight and this allows you to see your project before that, you can't turn back, stage.

My transfer tape was too short for the whole word so I applied the other letters first then added the E. Again, transfer tape allowed me to make some adjustment to make sure my E wasn't askew. I burnished the letters to the door a little to ensure there were no air bubbles.

Then I just pulled off the transfer tape at a 45 degree angle and voila!

Isn't she gorgeous, all sunshiney and happy.
Now for that pesky zoo sign I added an S for our last name and the year we were married.

I love it! The black goes well with our wrought iron on the front porch and the tanish color blends in nicely with, well everything. Some day I might change that S to a monogram but until then I am so happy to say I will be greeting by this every single day!

The soul should always stand ajar, ready to welcome the ecstatic experience.

~Emily Dickinson


  1. I LOVE the vinyl letters! So great, and very welcoming indeed! Great idea.

    ~That's {FAM}tastic!

  2. Way cute! The view is fabulous now!

  3. That is beautiful...what a warm welcome!

  4. Looks great. I did mine with paint and a stencil. I think a proper welcome is always in order. I love it!

  5. Oh my word! The transformation is astounding! I wasn't sure when you said you were leaving that zoo plaque up how great of an outcome you'd have but wowser! It sure looks amazing! Absolutely 100% improvement! I love it! Beautiful door that says welcome and looks inviting. Well done you! Seriously, well done!

  6. Oh I LOVE this idea!!!
    I'm so glad I popped over from Kimba's!
    VERY cute!

  7. 1000 times better! It really does look so welcoming. And who one earth glues a plaque to their door. Yikes! You really made your door look so great. I'm inspired!

  8. It turned out beautiful L! I wish I was as crafty as you! It's a million gazillion times better, but aren't you going to miss the little farm animals? hehehe! ;)

  9. You REALLY need to sell these! The "WELCOME" lettering. Seriously! I'd be interested in buying.

  10. What a difference that makes! You must enjoy every time you open your front door. Clean and simple style that I love. Keep those ideas coming!

  11. I have already seen it in person and you know I think its freaking beautiful!