Monday, December 7, 2009

Bay Beautiful Bay

I've found myself another absolute favorite!

I've been hinting to the hubs to get this for me for my Christmas decorating.

I keep telling him it'll last forever and isn't just for Christmas. So far he is putting up a front that he isn't going to get it for me but we shall see.....

What is it you ask?

drum roll please....

It's a fresh Bay Leaf Wreath from William Sonoma!

Isn't it perfect for me....I'm mean really isn't it?

They come in two sizes



I personally like the bigger one. Plus, get this, since they are fresh you can use them for your holiday cooking. Just pluck a leaf off of the wreath (from the back honey....) and it's ready for use. Fresh Bay for your soups or stews or what-have-you. Then as it dries out, you have dried Bay Leaves. Do you know how much Bay is at the store? Do you? Well, this much Bay would cost wayyyy more than 30-60 bucks. For sure....

And really the price is right, the 22" is $59.95 and the 15" is only $29.95.

I can see this hanging at my kitchen window from a beautiful ribbon.

Not only is it beautiful but so super useful! I mean who couldn't use a Bay Leaf Wreath, right?

Simply Bay's Place sure could use a fresh Bay Leaf Wreath.

A Marriage made in Heaven.....



  1. Gorgeous! I agree that the big one is better. (boy does that sound naughty, haha!)

  2. Very pretty...but if it hung in my kitchen I would be cooking with dusty bay leaves...just saying....

  3. Hi Bay~ ~ It's always fun to see when you come by. Thanks for stopping in. YES! You really need one of these wreaths! I use lots of bay leaves in my cooking. In pot roast and poultry on pork roast and in soup, gee, I use it in almost everything.

  4. Oooh I love it! I like both sizes. The smaller one looks bushier and I think it has a nice feel to it.

  5. Gorgeous! I agree that the big one is better. (boy does that sound naughty
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