Thursday, September 10, 2009

Music makes the world go round....that I know.

Is there anything that you go to to heal your wounds? Is there a special song or friend or book that helps you move past something hurtful?

Music is what heals me.

I had my feelings hurt by a fellow blogger and I let it get me down.

I am completely aware that I was allowing it to happen, but sometimes it's hard to not let it hurt your heart, just a little.
All the while telling myself to not allow something somewhat silly to hurt my feelers. But it did and now I'm over it.

O.k. I'm almost over it.

Music heals my soul. Music allows me to be me. Music reminds me what I love about life.

Music reminds me that I don't have to worry about other peoples intentions, or what they think, or why they did what they did, when they probably don't even realize the hurt they caused.

So Kasey, over at Lola B's inspired me today. I LOOOOVE her. (sorry Kasey but I do....A lot. Yes, here is me gushing....)

If you, my few little readers, haven't been by her blog to see her...DO IT...GO NOW..No wait finish reading my post first, then go!

She'll make you laugh every single time you read her and her writing makes you wish you had her wit and ability (and her house, all I can say is gorgeous).

I must be channeling her today (I wish) because I've gotten a little distracted....
Kasey tends to do that too. But she is funner than I am....

Anyway, because of Kasey I decided to focus on what I know I can do....

I can cook a Hungarian Pot Roast that is to die for(I'll share someday soon).

I can take a photo that makes me giddy and keeps me that way all day long.

I can be nice and polite to every person I contact throughout a day. (I set out every day with this intention)

I can grow a delish tomato.

I can appreciate the beauty of nature and it can take my breath away.

I can paint like nobody's business.

I can love unconditionally and completely.

I can hardly ever say NO when a friend needs me.

I can sing...and not just in the shower.

I can be best best friend and wife I can possibly be.

I can weld a glue gun and not glue my fingers together.

I can throw an elegant get together and party like a rock star all at the same time.

I can throw a not-so-elegant affair (think Halloween) and try to not be instantly at their feet cleaning it up when someone spills their beer (which is inevitable) on my hardwood floor.

I can plan anything with detailed lists and drawings. A little anal? Guilty as charged.

I can appreciate the good that is in everyone.

I can find a diamond in the rough.

I can bake a white almond cake that is out of this world. Cupcakes too!

I can shop with a budget and stick to it.

I can negotiate with the best of them.

I can fall in love. With shoes. Many many pairs of shoes. The Hubs is sick of hearing me say "they are just so comfortable and adorable. I must have them."

I too can make a mean box of Mac and Cheese!!!

I can control what I put into my body (minus the Mac and Cheese) and live mostly chemical free.

I can appreciate, yet not agree, with other's opinions.

I can rearrange my living room in an afternoon by myself.

I can be inspired by all the creativity in the blogosphere. You ladies are so amazing!

I am a creative and loving person who only has the best intentions and loves her life, her family, her friends, the earth, and herself....

What I know I can do is be me.

I like me.

Noone else has to like me but me right?

And I choose to like me and to not allow others to dictate whether or not I'm inspiring.

Thanks Kasey, for your wit, your insight, sharing your stories, and just being you.

I like you. And I like me too!

Now, I'm gonna go turn up the music really loud and dance!

Life is good.


  1. I can't imagine how someone here in blog land could say something to hurt your feelings. Even if I were feeling schnarky (stole this word from Nancy haha) I still couldn't find not even one thing to say mean about you.

    So, if you don't mind me asking...what kind of music do you like? What are some songs that inspire you?

  2. well...we both can cook a mean box of mac n cheese now can't we?!
    I am so sorry your feeling were just takes one person to bring us down...
    i'm sorry.
    btw..where in Colo do you live?

  3. Morgan,
    I just commented back a LOOOONG comment and stupid blogger didn't post it. I'll do it again but later....And I figured out a question for you!

    Really I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate you, all around.
    I live in Colorado Springs. Where did you live when you were here?

  4. I recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


  5. Perspective changes everything! So sorry someone was glad you are able to see all the amazing things about yourself. Can you hear me over your music???

  6. I cook good mac-n-cheese on my second try ::blush::
    Your post left me warm and fuzzy. I'll go check out Kasey's blog but I admire your talents like you do her's. I'm quite Kind of Sort of Jealous really. ♥

  7. Oh hunny. I don't know what/who upset you! You didn't even tell me about it. Well, you did tell me you finally blogged a new post and here I am, your lame best friend, reading it just now.

    As I was reading all of your lists of the things you can do, I was nodding right along each one thinking Hell Yah she can do that! (speaking of glue gun, I have yours in a bad to return to you. And I did glue my fingers together. I'll show you the burn!)

    Hoping we are still on for tomorrow. I'm excited!

  8. Hi Bay~ ~Had to come over and see what you are up to you clever girl. Your door looks great!
    Oh yeah, where is that pot roast recipe?? Fall is a great time to spend more time in the kitchen. I yearn for more substancial meals as the weather cools.~ ~Ahrisha~ ~

  9. i lived in castle rock....
    i miss it;-)

  10. Love this post. And you can do a LOT! I have a tendency to let others get me down too. Good on you for pushing it away.